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Good PR can fill patient lists - but you have to know how

Is it possible to attract patients though one good piece of coverage? Yes it is!

With a new procedure, a skilled consultant and an ideal case study, we achieved 86 pieces of media coverage in 24 hours and full patient lists within a couple of weeks.

Why does this proven method still work? Because in the world of social media, search and online news channels, a good healthcare story provides unique, interesting content and that is what gets you found by potential patients and shared. Needless to say, your own website has to be optimized to make the most of the coverage and your systems have to be in place to take calls and book appointments.

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Are you a private provider trying to share best practice?

Why is it so hard for private providers to share best practice?

If a the case study for a private supplier to the NHS  can demonstrate  efficiencies and evidence of improved patient care and outcomes, then surely it should be promoted as best practice regardless of whether it was delivered by a private supplier or an NHS department?

The NHS and local authorities have to save money and cut costs whilst providing a better service to an increasing population. By sharing best practice and KPI regimes, commissioners can learn from each other rather than commission identical services in isolation. To promote this, private providers must be able to share their insight and the professional expertise that won them the contract originally. So, why is this so difficult?

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